Improving the Health & Wellbeing of Australian and NZ Businesses

A framework for measuring the effectiveness of an organisation's health and wellness

The Health & Wellbeing Award is a quality international standard developed by Investors in People that is research driven, evidence based and outcome focused. It aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian and New Zealand businesses by enhancing employee engagement and productivity thus enabling a workforce to be ready to embrace change.

This international standard measures the effectiveness of your organisation's employee engagement, suggests remedial action to attain best practice and thus improves individual and organisational productivity.

The Award provides employers with a voluntary framework to use in planning, implementing and reviewing steps they can take which will improve the performance of their people through improving their own and their employer's wellness. Therefore, it focuses on employee engagement in relation to the health and wellbeing of individuals and teams.

"Supportive managers, supportive teams"

It has been successfully validated in the UK: Department of Health sponsorship of the development of the new Health and Wellbeing Award has enabled Investors in People to carry out extensive piloting with over 400 organisations of all sizes and sectors. This means the Award has been thoroughly road tested and we know that it will work and provide major benefits for all organisations.

The Health and Wellbeing Award is delivered in Australia and New Zealand by Salusora, a joint marketing venture between Instep, Investors in People Australia and Investors in People New Zealand.

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